The city is made up of several departments that function together to make the city operate smoothly on a day to day basis.  The maintenance personnel keep the park and open space areas clean and inviting.  They also keep the streets plowed of snow in the winter and the grass in parks mowed in the summer. 

The fire and rescue department is a vital link in the community for safety and life saving technology.  They are volunteers who have been through extensive training and are able to respond quickly and effectively in an emergency.

The city administration is handled by a clerk treasurer.  All the city fiscal management is handled by the clerk.  City budgets and all city council minutes and records are kept and maintained by the clerk.  The clerk also is responsible for sending out water/sewer bills once every two months.

Public Works is both water and wastewater operation.  This is handled by a licensed operator and is monitored by both the Department of Health and the Pollution Control Agency.  The city water system is constantly being monitored and tested to make sure it is clean and safe for drinking.  The city operates a nitrate removal system for the water supply which is the first one ever constructed in the state.  We also have a wellhead protection plan in place and are updating the plan this year.