City Services


 Council Meetings

The city council meets at city hall every first Monday of the month for the regular meeting.  This will be changed if there is a Holiday on the first Monday.  Special meetings will be put in the official paper and will be posted in the city as well. The meetings are open to the public and we encourage all residents to come. 


The city has adopted state building codes and you will be required to obtain a permit for most projects.  If you are remodeling or putting in new windows or reroofing for example you will need a permit.  Fences also require a permit.  Before beginning any type of building project, check with the city building inspector, Nancy Scott of Allspec Services at 293-5298.

 City Hall Rental

The city hall building is available for rental.  Please check the fee schedule for rental rates.  This facility can be used year round and use of the kitchen is included in the rental fee.

 Dog Ordinances

The city has an ordinance requiring all dogs over the age of six months to be vaccinated for rabies and to have a license.  The cost of the one time permanent license is $10.00 per dog.  You may have up to 4 dogs without requiring a kennel license.

 House Numbers

In January 2005, house numbers in the city were changed to comply with the 911 emergency grid system used by Sherburne County.  Some residents have not changed their old house numbers for new ones.  This is important for accurate mail and package delivery as well as making it possible for emergency vehicles such as police and ambulances to find your home in the event of an emergency.  Please make sure to get your numbers changed.


You will need to check with the post office (743-2505) to find out if you should use a mailbox or if you must have a post office box.  If you need a mailbox, they will be able to give you information on the location and height of the box.

 Pavilion Rental

The city has available for rental a park pavilion located behind city hall.  It is a very nice facility for large parties.  The cost of the rental including the kitchen is $150.00 per day and can be booked through the clerks office.  Please book early because the weekends book up fast for the summer months.

 Snow Removal

The city provides snow plowing with our own truck and every effort will be made to plow the streets in a timely manner.  Because snowstorms are unpredictable, we cannot guarantee that all the residential streets will be plowed by the time you may need to leave for work.  Major roadways and emergency routes will be plowed before residential streets.  You are required to keep sidewalks and areas around mailboxes free from ice and snow.


Elections for city offices of Mayor and Councilmember are held in even numbered years.  The precinct polling place is the Clear Lake City Hall. If you need any information on registering to vote or any other election information please contact the city clerk.

 Water / Sewer Bills

If your home is connected to either (or both) the city water and sewer systems, you will receive a bill once every month.  Please note that late payments will be charged a $10.00 late fee.  The date they are due will be printed on the post card bill.  If you have questions on your bill or water usage, please contact the city clerk. 

There is a slot in the office door at the side of the entry to drop of water bill payments or notes after hours.

If you need an emergency shut off of the water at the curb stop, please contact Mayor Tim Goenner at 320-290-0151.